Bark & Wood Chip Mulch in Washington County, OR

Create a polished look for your garden when you shop with us at Williams Fuel & Landscape Supply. Our supply shop features a variety of bark and wood chip materials in Gaston, OR, for customers throughout the area. By using our wood chip mulch, you will give your plants the right foundation for growth. Speak with us today to learn more about your product options.

The Benefits of Using Mulch

Your plants need more than just water and sunlight to grow. With bark mulch and other materials, you will not only give your garden a finished look, but you will help keep your landscape healthy during every season.

Mulch offers a natural way to limit the number of weeds that spring up in your garden. Bark and wood chip materials act as a barrier, preventing everything from soil erosion to certain pests from affecting the vegetation.

With the right nutrients, you will grow a garden that stands out for all of the right reasons. Mulch absorbs water and helps maintain soil nutrients. These natural materials create a healthy base for plants to grow.

Shop for Mulch Today

Choose the right materials for your garden when you order from us. No matter what type of mulch you are looking for, we offer a full inventory for your property.

Available in a range of different options, our mulch is made from quality, natural materials. Shop with us today to discover our mulch in Washington County, OR, and other landscaping products for delivery:

  • Medium Fir Bark
  • Dark Fir Bark
  • Red Hemlock
  • Dark Hemlock
  • Medium Hemlock
  • Medium Pebble Bark
  • Walk-on Bark
  • Hog Fuel
  • Cedar Chips
  • Hazelnut Shells

Contact us in Gaston, Oregon, to use our mulch materials for your landscape. Our supply center features top options for customers throughout the area.